News report to Deırelzzor and the outskrits Sunday 2/8/2015

After that five furnaces has been stopped yesterday in besieged neighborhoods for work, hunger and death threat to civilians more that material bread was the only resort to these civilians and this material which kept many life throughout the past, Has the criminal system today to distribute the news on its elements and elements of security and their families are likely to supply the flour which was attended by the system via alywshn or civil aviation implemented fully threatening to disaster in besieged areas , reportedly died two days before the child at a time of fasting system control areas due to hunger and blockade.
The system also launched air raids the unsub three targeted town like a holiday and its surroundings, in the context of the security forces made connected at dawn today in military airport sectors and restoring the power company and points beside her near the field timorization.
The Organization Isis campaign arrests in the village of mind shkyt in rural east to perjury longer more than 20 young people without knowing the reasons for detention.
After two hours of allowing organization Isis for the way the internet follow their work without using wifi regulation to close all internet shops in what is called mandate of euphrates including Iraqi existing area.

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